Dynamic organization and function of synapses


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Our team pursues a transdisciplinary approach, to study the interplay between the dynamics of the molecular components of synapses and synaptic transmission. Based on advanced imaging techniques and physiology, we study AMPA receptors and its molecular partners. We obtained breakthrough data on nano-scale organization, dynamics and interaction of synaptic proteins and membrane trafficking. Our efforts are focused on the understanding of the dynamics of synaptic components involved in higher cognitive functions and pathologies, such as Alzheimer disease.

Selected publications

Team leader
Daniel Choquet

Team member(s)

Chercheurs, Praticiens hospitaliers...

Anna Brachet (Researcher)
Eric Hosy (Researcher)
Françoise Coussen (Researcher)
Matthieu Sainlos (Researcher)

Ingénieur(e)s, technicien(ne)s



Ivana Trivunovic
Viviana Villicana Muñoz
Meera Chandra
Manon Darribere
Chloé Cuenot
Léa Sarzynski
Léa Leval
Théo Dudon

Neuropsychologist(s) and speech therapist(s)

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