Dopamine and neuronal assemblies


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Our laboratory examines the functions of the « extended basal ganglia network », a neuronal network composed of interconnected limbic and motor nuclei. We aim at characterizing this network at the synaptic level, focusing on how synaptic transmission and plasticity are controlled by dopamine. Our research will provide new understandings of physiological functions (voluntary movements, associative learning…) and of dopamine-associated disorders (Parkinson’s disease, addiction…).

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Jérôme Baufreton

François Georges

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Morgane Le Bon-Jego (University Teacher- Researcher)

Ingénieur(e)s, technicien(ne)s

Elodie Ladevèze


Christelle Glangetas
Margaux Lebouc
Adriane Guillaumin
Jean de Montigny
Alba Garcia Baos
Teresa Sierra


Léa Bonamy
Rodrigue Ortolé
Laura De Las Herras-Garcia
Roberta Andrejew
Jakob Scharnholz
Viviana Villacana-Munoz
Emma Perrot

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