Cortical plasticity

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Neocortical circuits are highly complex, functionally sophisticated and diverse circuits. They perform computations that ultimately give rise to cognition and behavior. We seek to understand the mechanisms that shape these circuits during processes such as memory formation or in autism spectrum disorders. Deciphering the underlying neurobiological mechanisms requires a description of these circuits and their components, in terms of function, structure, synaptic connectivity between them and other brain structures, and gene expression. Our key expertise lies in investigating how the intrinsic excitability features of neurons give rise to the computational power of neocortical circuits. We use innovative transgenic and viral tracing methodology, together with in vivo and in vitro electrophysiological and calcium imaging, opto-/pharmacogenetic, anatomical tracing, and behavioral approaches to address these key questions.

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Andreas Frick

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Yves Le Feuvre (Researcher)

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Ourania Semelidou
Yuktiben Vyas
Senka Hadzibegovic


Théo Gauvrit
Maria José Gueidão Costa
Anna Saint-Jean
Maria Prieto
Nikolett Szigri

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