Clinical and translational exploration of sensorineural hearing loss

Genetics and Physiology of Hearing, Paris

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Fundamental questions that are essential for efficient hearing rehabilitation are addressed: how do auditory hair cells synapses and central synaptic connections evolve with aging, sound trauma and genetic neuropathies? The molecular changes occurring in auditory synaptic transmission are deciphered in mouse models. Methods of viral gene transfer are developped in order to rescue and reverse the synaptic defects.

Innovative techniques: cochlear viral gene transfer. gene editing. cochlear and hair cell electrophysiology.

Associated team from:  Institut de l’Audition – Centre de l’Institut Pasteur –  Inserm UA06

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Didier Dulon

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Vincent Darrouzet (PU-PH)
Valérie Vidal (PU-PH)
Damien Bonnard (MCU-PH)

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Yohan Bouleau
Manon Jaffredo


Steven Condamine


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