Anatomical exploration and histology

Neurocentre Magendie

The Neurocentre Magendie’s Histology and Anatomical Exploration Platform is part of a pool of technical and human resources provided to support research.
This platform is focused on preparations of biological samples for histology, immunohistology, and imaging, ie observation, acquisition and image processing with optical microscopy.
For this, the platform is equipped with the necessary equipment for the preparation of frozen tissues, fixed or included in paraffin (1 cryostat, 2 vibratomes and a microtome) from cutting (from 2 to 50 microns) to staining. The 2 microscopes equipped with fluorescence (DAPI, GFP, CY3) allow a fast and quality observation, and acquisition. The platform is also equipped with Neurolucida analysis system which allows a semi-automatic reconstitution in 3D of neuronal arborization, glial, vascular or other, on dissociated cells or tissues.

Missions of the platform:
– Sharing equipments and ensure its proper functioning
– Training of different devices in open access
– Management a consumable store

Primarily open to the research teams of the center, these tools are also accessible to external users.

Marlène Maître

Team member(s)

Marlène Maître (Platform leader)