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We study substance and non-substance addiction and have developed a human model of addiction. Our studies tend to better characterize the common phenomenology accross addictions and its determinants, using a multidisciplinary approach (clinical neurobiology, epidemiology, psychology and sociology), with a special interest on craving and its behavioral correlates. The main research tool is an open prospective cohort (ADDICTAQUI) started in 1994, of over 3500 patients requesting treatment for addiction. Innovative techniques: Patient prospective cohort, Addiction Severity Index, Ecological Momentary Assesment

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Team leader

Team member(s)

Marc Auriacombe (Team leader)

Chercheurs, Praticiens hospitaliers...

Jacques Dubernet (Researcher)
Jean-Marc Alexandre (Clinical Research Assistant)
Jean-Pierre Daoulède (Researcher)
Sarah Moriceau (Clinical Research Assistant)
Virginie Beltran (Clinical Research Assistant)
Louise Jakubiec (Researcher)

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