News from the Biochemistry and biophysics of proteins platform (BioProt)

Until the end of April 2023, discover the “Pamstation” we have in demonstration.

The Pamstation is an automated kinase profiling platform that allows you to compare the activity of specific kinases (tyrosine kinases and serine-threonine kinases) in a biological sample. The Pamstation allows real-time analysis of enzyme kinetics in minutes/hours. These tests can be performed on purified recombinant kinases, cell lysates, animal tissues or patient biopsy samples. With less than 5 µg of protein, you can answer this question.

Improving quality of service

Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA) software gets a facelift with its entirely new dedicated computer. This software will allow you to understand how your protein fits into known signaling/metabolic pathways through an algorithm that compiles data based on experimental data from the scientific literature.

Our latest acquisitions

Our new microplate reader, the Victor Nivo Alpha 5S, is versatile for daily biochemical and cellular assays. You can use it for all interaction, kinetic, and reporter gene quantification analyses, whether qualitative, quantitative or dynamic (ELISA, FRET, BRET type). The device has 32 filters, for most fluorophores, an adjustable temperature, and can accommodate 96-384-1536 well plates.

To quickly and accurately assess the quality and stability of a protein sample, we offer the Tycho NT6. This approach can be interesting in the context of a comparison between a control protein and a mutated or truncated protein.

You will be able to test all types of proteins whether it is a native or recombinant protein or antibodies or nanobodies.


Yann Rufin

Publication: 25/04/23
Last update 25/04/23