Fyssen Foundation’s grant for Carmelo Quarta

Congratulations to Carmelo Quarta, researcher in Cota’s team (Neurocentre Magendie), who received a grant from the Fondation Fyssen with the project :

Determining the role of hypothalamic POMC neurons in the management of energy requirements in relation to emotional state

Description of the project

Hunger is a critical evolutionary driver for all animals, including homo sapiens, and one of the most potent behavior triggers. This project, which will be performed thanks to a collaboration between Cota’s and Marsicano’s lab, will shed new light on the fundamental neuronal mechanisms by which endocannabinoids orchestrate appetite and whole-body energy handling with competing emotional cues in mice, such as fear memory. This is a perfect example of how different expertise can be merged for tackling questions with implications for the treatment and understanding of human diseases, in this case, eating and metabolic disorders

About Fyssen foundation

The aim of the FYSSEN Foundation  is to encourage “all forms of scientific inquiry in cognitive mechanisms, including thought and reasoning, which underly animal and human behavior; their biological and cultural bases, and phylogenetic and ontogenetic development”.

The Foundation encourages all the researches relative to the capacities to reason and more widely in the cognitive processes to animals and man as well as in the biological and cultural foundations of these processes

More details: http://www.fondationfyssen.fr/fr/

Publication: 06/12/21
Last update 06/12/21