Label-free optical imaging of mitochondria in live cells

David Lasne, Gerhard A. Blab, Francesca De Giorgi, François Ichas, Brahim Lounis, Laurent Cognet
Opt. Express. 2007-01-01; 15(21): 14184
DOI: 10.1364/OE.15.014184

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The far-field optical imaging of mitochondria of live cells without the use of
any label is demonstrated. It uses a highly sensitive photothermal method and has
a resolution comparable to confocal fluorescence setups. The morphological states
of mitochondria were followed under different physiological treatments, and the
role of cytochrome c was ruled out as the main origin of the photothermal
signals. This label free optical method provides a high contrast imaging of live
mitochondria and should find many applications in biosciences.

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