[Autophagy and brain: the case of neurodegenerative diseases].

Mathieu Bourdenx, Benjamin Dehay
Med Sci (Paris). 2017-03-01; 33(3): 268-274
DOI: 10.1051/medsci/20173303013

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The autophagy-lysosome system is an essential pathway to get rid of unwanted
cellular components (proteins and organelles). The brain, and specifically
neurons, are very sensitive to abnormalities of the proteome because altered
proteins or damaged organelles cannot be diluted by cell division that does not
occur in these cells. Most neurodegenerative disorders are characterized by
accumulation of undegraded misfolded proteins and are currently associated with
autophagy-lysosome dysfunctions. Recent studies have highlighted the modulation
of this complex pathway as a putative therapeutic strategy. This review provides
an update on the brain-related specificities and dysfunctions of this pathway and
discusses the autophagy-based therapies couteracting neurodegeneration.

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