A Low-Cost Method for Brain Slice Cultures

Ryuta Koyama, Rieko Muramatsu, Takuya Sasaki, Rie Kimura, Chihiro Ueyama, Makoto Tamura, Naohiro Tamura, Junya Ichikawa, Naoya Takahashi, Atsushi Usami, Maki K. Yamada, Norio Matsuki, Yuji Ikegaya
J Pharmacol Sci. 2007-01-01; 104(2): 191-194
DOI: 10.1254/jphs.sc0070119

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Low-cost, simple procedures for organotypic tissue cultures are desirable for
high-throughput biological experiments such as large-scale medical/drug
screening. We present a practical and economical method to cultivate brain slices
using hydrophilic filtration membranes. With a cost reduction of more than 90%,
this technique allows us to prepare hippocampal slice cultures that are
morphologically and functionally indistinguishable from those obtained by the
widely used Millicell-CM method.

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