Cycle de conférences : Srinivasa Chakravarthy

Conférences :

21/11: The basal ganglia as an exploration engine

28/11: Modelling gait abnormalities in Parkinson’s disease

5/12: Modeling neuro-glio-vascular interactions: do cerebral vessels

12/12: A unified model of hippocampal spatial cells

19/12: Modelling the functions of dopamine and serotonin in basal ganglia

Scientific focus :

The lab consists of researchers and students from multi-disciplinary backgrounds who work on modeling various aspects of the brain, especially the Basal Ganglia so as to better understand Parkinson’s disease.
Another motivating force of the lab’s research is to see if the network principles learnt from the study of the brain can be applied to other physiological networks, for example, the cardiovascular network.


Publication: 05/11/17
Mise à jour: 06/04/18