National Ataxia Foundation Grants

Expire le 5 octobre 2020

Seed Money Research Grant

For new and innovative studies that are relevant to the cause, pathogenesis or treatment of the hereditary or sporadic ataxias. Offered primarily as “seed monies” to assist investigators in the early or pilot phase of their studies and as additional support for ongoing investigations on demonstration of need.

LOI deadline: 21 Sept. 2020
Proposal deadline: 19 Oct. 2020

Pioneer SCA3/MJD Translational Research Awards

The Pioneer SCA3/MJD Translational Research Award is for a research project that will facilitate the development of treatments for Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 3/Machado Joseph Disease.

LOI deadline: 5 Oct. 2020
Proposal deadline: 2 Nov. 2020

Post-doctoral Fellowship Award

Post-doctoral fellowship awards are to serve as a bridge from post-doctoral positions to junior faculty positions. Applicants should have shown a commitment to research in the field of Ataxia.

LOI deadline: 5 Oct. 2020
Proposal deadline: 2 Nov. 2020

Young Investigator Award

The Young Investigator Award was created to encourage young clinical and scientific investigators to pursue a career in the field of Ataxia research. It is our hope that Ataxia research will be invigorated by the work of young, talented individuals supported by this award.

LOI deadline: 28 Sept. 2020
Proposal deadline: 26 Oct. 2020

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