ERA4Health: NutriBrain

Expire le 15 janvier 2024

Modulation of brain ageing through nutrition and healthy lifestyle

The aim of the call is to support transnational research projects that focus on the improvement of cognitive brain ageing through nutrition and other lifestyle factors. Thereby it enables scientists from different countries to build a valuable collaboration on interdisciplinary research projects based on complementarities and sharing of expertise in the field of brain ageing, its related disorders, nutrition and lifestyle factors.

Research projects should gain further insights into the modulation of brain aging by lifestyle factors and/or pilot test interventions based on the existing evidence in the literature or upscale existing pilot interventions that will help to lower the risk of cognitive impairment manifestations related to a pathological brain ageing.

At least one of the following lifestyle factors should be investigated: nutrition (particularly improvements in dietary pattern), physical activity, sleep pattern (quantity, quality and timing), social interaction and stress.

Researchers should provide a public health approach for health promotion and disease prevention considering large population groups such as age cohorts or relevant subgroups.

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