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CHDI Foundation is exclusively dedicated to collaboratively developing therapeutics that will substantially improve the lives of individuals with HD. To prioritize where our resources will be most effective in HD therapeutic development, we have organized our preclinical research programs into three interconnected units that focus on what we consider the most promising therapeutic areas and the means to pharmacologically interrogate them; namely lowering huntingtin, handling and repair mechanisms related to recently identified modifier genes, and the chemistry capability to fully explore potential therapeutic approaches.

To implement our diverse research portfolio, we fund and work with academic researcher colleagues around the world. CHDI is not a general research funding body that issues financial grants, nor do we have a research proposal submission cycle. However, we are receptive to novel ideas and will explore new areas of biology that have relevance to HD, particularly when there is either robust human data evidence or the therapeutic approach has disease-modifying potential. Initial proposals are reviewed on a rolling basis by unit team members. If we are interested in your proposal, then a science director will invite you to submit a full proposal and budget for further review and consideration – see the schematic below.

If we are interested in funding your research proposal then typically CHDI and your research institution will enter into a research agreement that defines a detailed project description, milestones with deliverables, and a specific budget. CHDI scientists will be involved in the design and oversight of the project and will work with you to develop a mutually agreeable research plan. The investigator must conduct the research as specified in the contract and deliver progress reports to receive continued support. Under our standard research agreement, the research institution owns the data and intellectual property generated during the project and has the sole and exclusive right to publish

If you would like to apply for research funding from CHDI then please submit a short summary of your proposal to .

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