Cajal training – Advanced Imaging Techniques for Neuroscience

Venue: Bordeaux School of Neuroscience.

Extended deadline for application: July 3rd.

Progress in microscopy has a long history of triggering major advances in neuroscience, and it is accelerating on many fronts: morphological and functional labeling, microscope instrumentation and imaging modalities, image processing and data analysis etc. These innovations are potentiating our ability to monitor, measure and manipulate biological structures and activities inside complex and intact nervous system model systems with ever higher throughput, robustness, precision and sensitivity and on ever wider temporal and spatial scales.

This Cajal course will bring together leading developers and practitioners of cutting-edge imaging techniques that push the frontiers of neuroscience research. The course follows up on previous Cajal school editions on this topic. The course will cover a broad spectrum of concepts and practical techniques, both classic and new, to provide a solid basis and critical guidance for newcomers and experienced users alike, wishing to pick up skills and learn about new developments and avenues in microscopy and its impact on neuroscience.

The applications will span a wide spectrum of neurobiological topics and preparations in an exemplary fashion, from brain development, plasticity and neuro-immune system interactions in cell cultures, brain slices and in vivo using the mouse and zebrafish brain as main model systems.

A series of pedagogical lectures and seminars will be complemented by hands-on practical training in small groups using experimental setups and tools provided by the Bordeaux School of Neuroscience, the Bordeaux Imaging Center, the course faculty & instructors, including a number of leading research labs on Bordeaux Neurocampus, as well as brand-new demo equipment from microscope manufacturers.

Course directors

Valentin Nägerl
Course Director
University of Bordeaux, France

Francesca Odoardi
University of Göttingen, Germany

Jan Huisken
University of Göttingen, Germany

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Publication: 07/06/24
Mise à jour: 12/06/24