The mitochondrial permeability transition

Paolo Bernardi, Raffaele Colonna, Paola Costantini, Ove Eriksson, Eric Fontaine, François Ichas, Stefano Massari, Annamaria Nicolli, Valeria Petronilli, Luca Scorrano
BioFactors. 1998-01-01; 8(3-4): 273-281
DOI: 10.1002/biof.5520080315

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This review summarizes recent work on the regulation of the permeability
transition pore, a cyclosporin A-sensitive mitochondrial channel that may play a
role in intracellular calcium homeostasis and in a variety of forms of cell
death. The basic bioenergetics aspects of pore modulation are discussed, with
some emphasis on the links between oxidative stress and pore dysregulation as a
potential cause of mitochondrial dysfunction that may be relevant to cell injury.


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