Ovarian abnormalities in the staggerer mutant mouse

Jean-Marie Guastavino, Salima Boufares, Wim E. Crusio
The Scientific World JOURNAL. 2005-01-01; 5: 661-664
DOI: 10.1100/tsw.2005.87

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Disturbances in several reproductive functions of the staggerer cerebellar mutant mouse have been observed. In this study, reproductive efficiency ofstaggerermice was compared to normal mice by recording the number of pups produced and the number of oocytes occurring. It was found thatstaggerermothers produced smaller litters than controls and the number of oocytes produced in their ovaries was reduced by thestaggerermutation. These results indicate a pleiotropic effect on fertility of the Rorasggene underlying the cerebellar abnormalities of thestaggerermutant.

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