Modulation of Central Synapses by Astrocyte-Released ATP and Postsynaptic P2X Receptors

Eric Boué-Grabot, Yuriy Pankratov
Neural Plasticity. 2017-01-01; 2017: 1-11
DOI: 10.1155/2017/9454275

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Communication between neuronal and glial cells is important for neural plasticity. P2X receptors are ATP-gated cation channels widely expressed in the brain where they mediate action of extracellular ATP released by neurons and/or glia. Recent data show that postsynaptic P2X receptors underlie slow neuromodulatory actions rather than fast synaptic transmission at brain synapses. Here, we review these findings with a particular focus on the release of ATP by astrocytes and the diversity of postsynaptic P2X-mediated modulation of synaptic strength and plasticity in the CNS.

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