Microarray and Mass Spectrometry-Based Methodology for Lipid Profiling of Tissues and Cell Cultures

Roberto Fernández, Jone Garate, Tarson Tolentino-Cortez, Ainara Herraiz, Laura Lombardero, Fabien Ducrocq, Rafael Rodríguez-Puertas, Pierre Trifilieff, Egoitz Astigarraga, Gabriel Barreda-Gómez, José A. Fernández
Anal. Chem.. 2019-11-21; 91(24): 15967-15973
DOI: 10.1021/acs.analchem.9b04529

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Fernández R(1), Garate J, Tolentino-Cortez T(1), Herraiz A(1), Lombardero L,Ducrocq F(2), Rodríguez-Puertas R(3), Trifilieff P(2), Astigarraga E(1),Barreda-Gómez G(1), Fernández JA.

Author information:
(1)Research Department , IMG Pharma Biotech S.L., BIC Bizkaia (612), 48160 -Derio , Spain.
(2)University of Bordeaux, INRA, Bordeaux INP, NutriNeuro, UMR 1286 , F-33000 ,Bordeaux , France.
(3)Neurodegenerative Diseases , Biocruces Bizkaia Health Research Institute ,48903 Barakaldo , Spain.

The recent developments in mass spectrometry have revealed the importance of lipids as biomarkers in the context of different diseases and as indicators of the cell’s homeostasis. However, further advances are required to unveil the complex relationships between lipid classes and lipid species with proteins. Here, we present a new methodology that combines microarrays with mass spectrometry to obtain the lipid fingerprint of samples of a different nature in a standardized and fast way, with minimal sample consumption. As a proof of concept, we use the methodology to obtain the lipid fingerprint of 20 rat tissues and to create a lipid library for tissue classification. Then, we combine those results with immunohistochemistry and enzymatic assays to unveil the relationship between some lipid species and two enzymes. Finally, we demonstrate the performance of the methodology to explore changes in lipid composition of the nucleus accumbens from mice subjected to two lipid diets.


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