Genetic dissection of learning and memory in mice

Yann S. Mineur, Wim E. Crusio, Frans Sluyter
Neural Plasticity. 2004-01-01; 11(3-4): 217-240
DOI: 10.1155/NP.2004.217

In this minireview, we discuss different strategies to dissect genetically the keystones of learning and memory. First, we broadly sketch the neurogenetic analysis of complex traits in mice. We then discuss two general strategies to find genes affecting learning and memory: candidate gene studies and whole genome searches. Next, we briefly review more recently developed techniques, such as microarrays and RNA interference. In addition, we focus on gene-environment interactions and endophenotypes. All sections are illustrated with examples from the learning and memory field, including a table summarizing the latest information about genes that have been shown to have effects on learning and memory.

Auteurs Bordeaux Neurocampus