Generation of optical vector beams using a two-mode fiber

Nirmal K. Viswanathan, V. V. G. Inavalli
Opt. Lett.. 2009-04-07; 34(8): 1189
DOI: 10.1364/OL.34.001189

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We present the generation of optical vector beams using a two-mode fiber
(TMF)-based beam converter. The TMF converts the input Gaussian (TEM(00)) beam
into linearly polarized Hermite-Gaussian (HG(10), HG(01)) beams, a radially
polarized Laguerre-Gaussian (LG(1)(0)) beam with single helical charge or
coherent linear combinations of the different vector modes guided in the fiber,
depending on the input beam polarization, the fiber length, and the launch
condition. Polarization and two-beam interference analyses of the output beam
characterize the electric field orientations of the output beam and the presence
of transverse and longitudinal optical vortex in the generated HG and LG beams.


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