Fast interferometric second harmonic generation microscopy

Stéphane Bancelin, Charles-André Couture, Katherine Légaré, Maxime Pinsard, Maxime Rivard, Cameron Brown, François Légaré
Biomed. Opt. Express. 2016-01-08; 7(2): 399
DOI: 10.1364/boe.7.000399

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We report the implementation of fast Interferometric Second Harmonic Generation
(I-SHG) microscopy to study the polarity of non-centrosymmetric structures in
biological tissues. Using a sample quartz plate, we calibrate the spatially
varying phase shift introduced by the laser scanning system. Compensating this
phase shift allows us to retrieve the correct phase distribution in periodically
poled lithium niobate, used as a model sample. Finally, we used fast
interferometric second harmonic generation microscopy to acquire phase images in
tendon. Our results show that the method exposed here, using a laser scanning
system, allows to recover the polarity of collagen fibrils, similarly to standard
I-SHG (using a sample scanning system), but with an imaging time about 40 times


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