[Corticosteroid hormones and the brain]

Le Moal M, Vallée M, Maccari S, Mayo W, Montaron MF, Piazza PV, Abrous N.
J Soc Biol.. 2016-10-17; 193(3): 275-83

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The anatomical and functional links between the hormone stress axis and the cortico-limbic brain regions which integrate emotion and motivation are well documented. It is important, considering the consequences of stress on the brain, to take into account the regulatory buffer capacities of the personality-cognitive processes. Another point of interest is evaluation of the long term effects of repeated life events on chronic environmental pressures which induce brain negative feedback defects and, subsequently, insidious cellular changes in regions such as the hippocampus that lead to memory or adaptive impairments. An example is provided by perinatal stress that induces, later in life, both hormonal and cognitive deleterious changes.

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