Action of testosterone on the estradiol-induced feminization of the male chick embryo

N. Faucounau, F. Ichas, R. Stoll, R. Maraud
Anat Embryol. 1995-04-01; 191(4): 377-379
DOI: 10.1007/bf00534691

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The early treatment of male chick embryos with estradiol induces the feminization
of their sex tract, i.e. both their gonads and müllerian tract exhibit female
features. The additional treatment of estrogenized male embryos with testosterone
propionate antagonizes the effects of estradiol on both gonads and müllerian
ducts. Our data give further support to the view that testosterone and estrogens
act respectively as agonist and antagonist modulators of the secretion of the
anti-müllerian hormone.


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