A Proteomic Approach for Systematic Mapping of Substrates of Human Deubiquitinating Enzymes

Juanma Ramirez, Gorka Prieto, Anne Olazabal-Herrero, Eva Borràs, Elvira Fernandez-Vigo, Unai Alduntzin, Nerea Osinalde, Javier Beaskoetxea, Benoit Lectez, Kerman Aloria, Jose Antonio Rodriguez, Alberto Paradela, Eduard Sabidó, Javier Muñoz, Fernando Corrales, Jesus M. Arizmendi, Ugo Mayor
IJMS. 2021-05-03; 22(9): 4851
DOI: 10.3390/ijms22094851

The human genome contains nearly 100 deubiquitinating enzymes (DUBs) responsible for removing ubiquitin moieties from a large variety of substrates. Which DUBs are responsible for targeting which substrates remain mostly unknown. Here we implement the bioUb approach to identify DUB substrates in a systematic manner, combining gene silencing and proteomics analyses. Silencing of individual DUB enzymes is used to reduce their ubiquitin deconjugating activity, leading to an increase of the ubiquitination of their substrates, which can then be isolated and identified. We report here quantitative proteomic data of the putative substrates of 5 human DUBs. Furthermore, we have built a novel interactive database of DUB substrates to provide easy access to our data and collect DUB proteome data from other groups as a reference resource in the DUB substrates research field.

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