A Brief History of Tooth Wear.

Aurélie El-Khoder, Jean-Philippe Pia, Arnaud Soenen, Emmanuel d'Incau
J Hist Dent .. ; :
DOI: 10.58929/jhd.2023.071.01.050

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El-Khoder A(1), Pia JP(2), Soenen A(3), d’Incau E(4).

Author information:
(1)Private practice, Chevanceaux, France.
(2)Private practice, Saint-Médard-en-Jalles, France.
(3)Private practice, Libourne, France.
(4)Laboratoire SANPSY UMR 6033 CNRS Faculté des sciences odontologiques de Bordeaux Université de Bordeaux, France.

Historical publications that have significantly improved the understanding of tooth wear mechanisms are reviewed with a focus on descriptions of the lesions, the evolution of their classification systems, and considerations addressing the main risk factors. Surprisingly, most important advances are often the oldest.
Likewise, they are currently only marginally known, which requires a major dissemination effort.

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