Visite des doctorants du Max Planck Institute de Francfort

Du 25 avril 2018 au 28 avril 2018

The PhD students from the International Max Plank Research School for Neural Circuits in Frankfurt, Germany, are planning a 4-days retreat to Bordeaux on April 25-28th. As part of their stay, a number of shared events with Neurocampus students are organized by the NBA and Bordeaux Neurocampus.

Julia GONCALVES / PhD student /Présidente de la NBA / Dear PhD Student, 

April 25th
10:00 : Diane Bissen (GU/MPI) : GRIP1 and its interactants in dendritic and spine morphogenesis and in synaptic plasticity
10:30 Felix Hoffmann (FIAS) : Open & reproducible research – What can we do in practice?
11:00 : Tiago Campelo (IINS) : Role of in vivo dynamics of AMPA receptors during experience-dependent cortical plasticity
11:30 : Ashley Castellanos (Magendie) : Hypothalamic bile acids signaling in the regulation of energy balance
12:00 – 14:00 : Shared lunch buffet at CROUS
14:00 – 16:00 : 2nd round of student talks
14:00 : Fabio Sartori (MPI): Impact of neuronal morphology on protein’s distribution
14:30 : Mantian Wang (MPI): Light-controlled miRNA silencing to investigate the role of miRNAs in synaptic plasticity
15:00 : Benjamin Compans (IINS): Various Long Term Depressions trigger Different Nanoscale Reorganization of AMPA Receptors
15:30 : Filipe Nunes Vicente (IINS): Unveiling the regulation mechanisms and nano-scale organization of β3-integrin and its partners at dendritic spines

April 26th
14:00 – 15:00 : Seminar by Daniel CHOQUET
15:00 – 16:00 : Seminar by Sophie LAYÉ
16:00 – 19:00 : Lab tours



Publication: 17/04/18
Mise à jour: 18/05/18