4th Bordeaux Cell Biology Gathering: Friday 7th April

Venue: Haut-Carré

4th Bordeaux Cell Biology Gathering (BCBG2023) will take place at the Domaine du Haut Carré:  Friday 7th April from 9am to 7pm.

Everybody is welcome from master students to emeritus researchers.


Session 1 – Chair Olivier Rossier

9h Welcome talk
9h10 – Mireille Montcouquiol – To be communicated
9h25 – Thomas Mathivet – Windows on neurovascular pathologies
9h40 – Damien Laporte – Uncovering the multi-step process of stable microtubule bundle formation upon entry into quiescence
9h55 – Karine Frénal – Novel insights into the molecular organization and functions of the basal pole of Toxoplasma gondii
10h10 – Jahed Amed – To be communicated


Session 2 – Chair Hélène Bœuf

11h15 – Damien Coudreuse  – Single-cell imaging: from microfluidics to image analysis
11h30 – Remi Galland – Mulstiscale imaging with the soSPIM technology – From single cells up to 3D cell cultures
11h45 – Sara Basbous – Eat-me to survive: Cell cannibalism in liver tumor progression
12h – Amaury Badon – Large-scale label-free microscopy for bio-engineered tissues
12h15 – Michael Gue (ZEISS) – Alternative imaging techniques to confocal microscopy : how to take advantage of new illumination mode to see beyond


Session 3 – Chair Sebastien Mongrand

14h – Vincent Studer – Building in vitro models with patterned light
14h15 – Marie-Line Andréola – To be communicated
14h30 – Jim Dompierre – ExS: Expansion microscopy to study the ultrastructure of the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
14h45 – Benjamin Bonnard – Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 promotes invadosome formation and matrix remodeling through PI3K/AKT/mTOR pathway upon Src activation
15h – Juliette Vaurs – Developmental dynamics of perivascular fibroblasts distribution in the mouse brain

15h15 BREAK

Session 4 – Chair Violaine Moreau

16h00 – Isabelle Dupin – Investigating cell interactions in chronic respiratory diseases using innovative models
16h15 – Antoine Allard – Photoréponses de la micro-algue Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
16h30 – Florian Alonso – Extracellular matrix protein Fibrillin-1 regulates endothelial cell sprouting during angiogenesis
16h45 – Magalie Grisson – Super-resolution Lifetime-STED and expansion microscopy applied at the tissues scale in plant
17h00 – Melina Petrel et Fanny Decoeur – BIC 3D Electron microscopy


Free but mandatory



Publication: 15/03/23
Mise à jour: 22/03/23