1st Open Science Workshop 2023

Eager to embrace Open Science practices to enhance the impact of your work? We have an exciting opportunity for you.

The first Open Science Workshop at Bordeaux Neurocampus is happening this fall: October 16-20, 2023.

Venue : Centre Broca Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Registrations for the practical sessions are closed but talks are open to everyone!

Open talks

Monday 16 October – 15:00
Sarah Cohen-Boulakia
Open Science: the Big Picture

Monday 16 October – 16:30
Sarah Cohen-Boulakia, Nicolas P. Rougier
Reproducibility in France

Tuesday 17 October – 9:00
Robert McIntosh
Pre-registrations & Registered Reports

Tuesday 17 October – 9:45
Lyuba Zehl
Data Management Plans (DMPs)

Tuesday 17 October – 10:45
Raphaëlle Bats
Citizen Science

Wednesday 18 October – 9:00
Emma Ganley
Introduction to research protocols

Wednesday 18 October – 9:45
Nicolas P. Rougier
Good practices in the lab: Reproducible code, documentation & version control

Wednesday 18 October – 10:45
Arnaud Legrand
Good practices in the lab: Research documentation and electronic notebooks

Thursday 19 October – 9:00
Florent Lebon
Publishing Open-Access and Open Peer-Review

Thursday 19 October – 10:45
Andrew Davison
Open Data

Thursday 19 October – 11:30
Stephanie Forkel
Science outreach & popularization

Friday 20 October – 9:00
Ikram Chraibi Kaadoud, Stephanie Forkel, Arthur Leblois, Stephen Whitmarsh, Khadija Inam & Simon Lecomte (Brainstorm), Fjola Hyseni (BordeauxTea)

Other ways to get involved with Open Science
Friday 20 October – 10:45

Anna Beyeler, Eduarda Centeno, Florent Lebon, Nicolas P. Rougier , Stephen Whitmarsh, Matthieu Wolff
Stakeholders and Research Assessment
Program on: https://bordeaux-neurocampus.github.io/OS-Workshop-2023/


Publication: 06/10/23
Mise à jour: 20/10/23