New equipment at the BIC

We are happy to announce that the BIC obtained 10,000 € in equipment in the 2nd call to projects from the Federation. The new equipment will help to implement the NanoCryoCLEM Equipex+ project and includes a cryogenic storage system for Electron Microscopy (EM) grids for BIC users, and a cryo-station for clipping the grids. These devices will help to adapt the preparation of frozen-hydrated samples at the BIC to acquisitions in the cryo-electron microscope Talos Arctica at the Institute Européen de Chimie et Biologie (IECB).

The BIC will soon have the possibility of freezing your biological sample and look at them at native state and in nano-scale resolution!

If you are interested in this technique, do not hesitate to contact them.


Publication: 01/02/22
Mise à jour: 01/02/22