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Seminar – Denny Borsboom

25 novembre 2021 / 15:00

Denny Borsboom (Professor at the Psychology Department of the University of Amsterdam)

Title: The Network Approach to Psychopathology.


In the past few years, network approaches have been proposed as an alternative way of thinking about the relations between symptoms of mental disorders. In contrast to traditional psychometric approaches, in which associations between symptom arise due to the common effect of a latent disorder, network models view these associations as the result of direct interactions between the symptoms themselves. In this talk I will outline the main ideas behind this approach, review empirical and theoretical applications, and discuss open challenges.

This seminar is open to all interested.

Co-organized by Steeves Demazeux, leader of the « Philosophy of Clinics in Neuroscience and Psychiatry » research group, Bordeaux Montaigne.

In the frame of Bordeaux-Berlin Working Group on Translating Validity in Psychiatric Research

Zoom meeting:

ID de réunion : 878 7400 2725

Code secret : 135462

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25 novembre 2021
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