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Neuroimmunology Day

15 décembre 2023 / 09:00 - 17:00

After a somewhat confidential start in the early 1980s, neuroimmunology, as the scientific field that addresses interactions between the immune and nervous system, has become mainstream with numerous studies showing that neuroimmune interactions and mechanisms are relevant for behavior and physiology in health and disease (including metabolic and mental disorders).

On Dec 15, a full day will be dedicated to presentations and discussions by players in the field to provide an overview of where things stand now and where they may be headed in the near future.

Morning session
Venue: CGFB – Conference room

10:15-10:30AM: Welcome

10:30-11:15AM: G. Lepousez (Pasteur, Paris):
How brain circuits sense and integrate peripheral immune signals

11:15AM-noon: G. Eberl (Pasteur, Paris):
Hypothalamic impact of microbiota

Afternoon session
Venue: Centre Broca

2-2:30PM: A. Nadjar (Neurocentre Magendie, Inserm UB):
Effects of nutrient sensing by microglia on mouse behavior

2:30-3PM: J.-C. Delpech (NutriNeuro INRAE UB):
Early life adversities, microglia and exosomes

3-3:15PM: Break

3:15-3:45PM: J. Badaut (Magn. Res. Biol. Syst., CNRS UB):
Econeuroimmunology: from mice to elephant seals

3:45-4:30PM: J.P. Konsman & T. Pradeu (ImmunoConcept, CNRS UB):
Concluding question: Can the immune and nervous systems be considered a single system?

4:30-4:45PM: General discussion.

Organized by Jan Pieter Konsman & Thomas Pradeu (ImmunoConcept, CNRS UB)

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Date :
15 décembre 2023
Heure :
09:00 - 17:00
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