EUROGENESIS 4th conference will cover several aspects of adult neurogenesis function and its related pathologies. It aims to highlight the benefits of interdisciplinary research for gathering innovative knowledge in adult neural stem cells biology, and will promote new opportunities for cross-border disciplines interactions.


Tuesday, June 11th

Regulation of stem cells – Chair: Sebastian Jessberger

Single-cell analysis of adult neural stem cells and neurogenesis

Diversity and ageing of hippocampal stem cells

D.C. LIE (Germany)
Transcriptional regulation of adult-born neuron development

H. MIRA (Spain)
A Multifaceted Role for BMP Signaling in Adult Hippocampal Neurogenesis

Integration into network – hair: Chichung Lie

S. JESSBERGER (Switzerland)
Heterogeneity of neurogenic stem cells in the adult hippocampus

J.M. ENCINAS (Spain)
ATP links neuronal hyperexcitation and induction of reactive neural stem cells

J.C. PLATEL (France)
Neuronal integration and survival in the olfactory bulb

N. TONI (Switzerland)
Stem cells: From ultrastructure to niche regulation mechanisms

A. SCHINDER (Argentina)
Long-lasting remodeling of hippocampal networks by neurogenesis

Selected communications
– J. VALERO (Spain) Microglia actively remodels adult hippocampal neurogenesis through
the phagocytosis secretome
– A. SHARIF (France) Characterization of the neural stem cell niche in the adult human

Wednesday, June 12th

From networks to functions – Chair: Nicolas Toni

Adult neurogenesis as an individualizing trait

Regulation of adult neurogenesis by exercise

E. PACARY (France)
Rnd2: a new player in the development and function of adult-born hippocampal neurons

Hippocampal neurogenesis and memory stability

Dentate granule cells, memory discrimination and generalization

Selected communications :
– H. GHOSH (India) A novel regulator of adult neurogenesis and fate-decision in the dentate
– V. LUNA (USA) Adult born neurons monosynaptically inhibit and excite mature granule
cells in the dentate gyrus

Neurogenesis in humans – Chair: Magdalena Götz

Neural stem cells and adult neurogenesis from rodents and humans

Adult neurogenesis in the human brain in health and disease

Human hippocampal neurogenesis from development to ageing

Fatty acids as signaling molecules and biomarkers of neurogenesis

Alteration of Hippocampal Neurogenesis by the human systemic milieu: A biomarker of cognitive ageing and dementia

Adult neurogenesis is abundant in the hippocampus


Thursday, June 13th

Role of adult born neurons in diseases – Chair: Paul Lucassen

C.P. FITZSIMONS (The Netherlands)
Circadian Glucocorticoid Oscillations Preserve a Population of Adult Hippocampal Neural
Stem Cells in the Aging Brain

Selected communications :
– E. SALTA (Belgium) MicroRNA-132 restores adult hippocampal neurogenesis and
memory deficits in Alzheimer’s disease
– F. CHAMAA (Libanon) Modulation of Hippocampal

Tau-dependent and -independent mechanisms of adult cytogenesis suppression in stress-driven brain pathology

Neurogenesis mechanisms of addiction

Selected communications :
– V. OLIVEIRA MOREIRA (France) OTX2 signals from the choroid plexus to regulate
adult neurogenesis
– R. BECKERVORDERSANDFORTH (Germany) Adult astrogenesis and functional
astrocyte heterogeneity in the adult mouse hippocampus
– M. DAHAB (Germany) Deletion of the chloride transporter NKCC1 increases radial glialike
stem cell pool in the hippocampus and impairs learning and memory performance in
adult mice
– I. BLOMFIELD (UK) Id4 eliminates the pro-activation factor Ascl1 to maintain quiescence
of adult hippocampal stem cells


Role of adult born neurons in stress-related disorders – Chair: Alejandro Schinder

C. BELZUNG (France)
Post-Traumatic Stress disorder and hippocampal neurogenesis

P. LUCASSEN (Netherlands)
Plasticity changes in relation to early life stress and depression

Selected communications :
– A ZEPEDA (Mexico) Neurogenesis as a correlate of functional reorganization in the
damaged dentate gyrus
– M. FOGLI (Italy) Transient neurogenic niches are generated by the sparse and
asynchronous activation of striatal astrocytes after excitotoxic lesion

L. PINTO (Portugal)
Time-dependent functional correlates of adult hippocampal cytogenesis: Relevance to Depression

Modulation of entorhinal input by adult-born hippocampal neurons: impact on mood and cognition

Publication: 24/04/19
Mise à jour: 05/02/24