Wings for Life – Grants

Expire le 1 septembre 2023

Basic research projects may address the following aspects of traumatic spinal cord injury

  • nerve regeneration/plasticity

  • neuronal and glial protection

  • functional deficits induced by lesions

  • preferentially in mammalian models

  • preferentially on mechanisms present/validated in humans

Clinical research projects may address

  • spinal cord injury management

  • other areas related to traumatic spinal cord injury essential to the propagation of neurological and functional recovery

A preference is given to research projects, which have

  • a perspective of translation from the laboratory to the clinical setting

  • the potential to provide real benefits to spinal cord injury patients

  • a focus on chronic spinal cord injury, in case applicable

Despite unquestionable clinical relevance, basic or clinical projects in the areas of medical complications (bladder/bowel function, cardiovascular function, pressure ulcer, neuropathic pain, spasticity) and technological developments represent only a secondary focus. Applications in those areas can only be considered, if the approach is novel, original and offers a unique and innovative treatment perspective or the ability to run clinical trials more effectively.

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