Psychiatry Consortium Call for Proposals

Expire le 5 décembre 2022

The Psychiatry Consortium have an open funding call from now until December 2022! Expressions of Interest (EOI) can be submitted throughout this period and will be reviewed in August and December. The Psychiatry Consortium are seeking project proposals which focus on the validation of novel molecular drug targets for mental health conditions.

The initial application process is brief, and proposals should be supported by robust evidence linking the molecular target to human disease and of target modulation having a therapeutic effect. To find out more about the funding call, visit the website.


Key dates to note:

EOI Applications will be reviewed by the Psychiatry Consortium funding Partners at two points during the year:

Deadline 1: 2nd August 2022

Deadline 2: 5th December 2022


Successful applicants will be notified within 3 weeks of each deadline.

Projects submitted before August are expected to launch by November 2022.

Projects submitted before December are expected to launch by March 2023.


Submit your proposal here

You can find helpful resources to support your application on the Psychiatry Consortium website along with full details of their Terms and Conditions which we recommend you read before applying. There are also several Frequently Asked Questions, which may clarify some common queries around the funding mechanism of the Psychiatry Consortium.


What We’re Looking For