FACE Foundation – Transatlantic Research Partnership

Expire le 24 février 2023


The Fund considers projects jointly submitted by two scientists at the beginning of their careers.

• On the American side, researchers at the post-doctorate level, assistant or associate professors at a university in the United States are eligible.
• On the French side, researchers at the post-doctorate level, maîtres de conferences, and chargés de recherche at a French institution of higher education and research are eligible.
• Consideration will also be given to different career paths as other statuses can be considered as long as the researchers are still at the beginning of their careers (less than 15 years after obtaining their PhD).

US or French citizenship is not required. Applicants must provide proof that they are employed at either the US or French institution for at least the duration of the partnership, i.e. 2 years.

Senior researchers may be included as team members but not as project leaders. PhD candidates are not eligible as project leaders. However, the participation of PhD students in projects is an important criterion in the selection process.

Additional partner institutions may be added to the project proposal, but these additional partners will not receive any funding from the Transatlantic Research Partnership. Only the research or higher education institutions of the project leaders will receive funding.

More details

Website: https://face-foundation.org/transatlantic-study-research/transatlantic-research-partnership/application-guidelines/