AFTD Pilot Grants

Expire le 8 décembre 2023

AFTD Pilot Grants provide seed funding for novel research in the initial phase of development across the full spectrum of FTD disorders (behavioral variant FTD, primary progressive aphasia, progressive supranuclear palsy, corticobasal syndrome, and FTD-ALS). Pilot Grants aid recipients in generating data that will be the basis for follow-on funding applications to government funders or other public or private agencies.

AFTD funds two types of Pilot Grants:

  • Pathways for Hope Pilot Grants – These grants support both basic research on the neurobiological mechanisms underlying FTD and translational research to improve clinical practice or advance biomarker and drug development. This Pilot Grant category is limited to early-stage investigators.
  • Well-Being in FTD Pilot Grants – These grants support research to improve the well-being of persons diagnosed, families, and caregivers and to improve access to equitable, high-quality diagnosis, care, support, and research participation options. This Pilot Grant category is open to early-career as well as more senior researchers.

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