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Seminar - Baptiste Lacoste

Seminar - Baptiste Lacoste
(Univ. of Ottawa)

Friday 28th July at 11:30 // Non-neuronal underpinnings of altered brain development

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Appel à participation

Appel à participation - Circuit scientifique bordelais
Appel à participation - Circuit scientifique bordelais
Pour accueillir des élèves de collège et lycée du 9 au 13 octobre 2023. Inscriptions à partir du 21 août

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Opération Déclics 2023: faites connaître les métiers de la recherche
Opération Déclics 2023 : faites connaître les métiers de la recherche
Les rencontres auront lieu du 20 novembre au 21 décembre 2023

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1st Open Science Workshop 2023
1st Open Science Workshop 2023
October 16th to 20th
Registration before August 15th

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20th edition of the Synapse and Network Day
20th edition of the Synapse and Network Day
September 12th
Registration before September 5th

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Brainconf NeuroCompare
Brainconf NeuroCompare
September 26th to 28th
Registration and abstract submission before September 15th

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Technicien(ne) de recherche
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Seminar – Baptiste Lacoste
Friday 28 July / 11:30
Non-neuronal underpinnings of altered brain development
Invited by Jean-Luc Morel (INCIA)


Seminar – Nako Nakatsuka
Friday 8 September / 11:30
Aptamer-based biosensors for in vivo neurotransmitter monitoring
Invited by Clémentine Bosch-Bouju (NutriNeuro)

20th Synapse and Network Day
Tuesday 12 september
External invited speakers: Julien Bouvier, Maria lindskog and Nelson Rebola.


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The Impact of Mild Chronic Stress and Maternal Experience in the Fmr1 Mouse Model of Fragile X Syndrome
Enejda Subashi, Valerie Lemaire, Valeria Petroni, Susanna Pietropaolo.
IJMS. 2023-07-13

Mnemonic Discrimination Performance in a Memory Clinic: A Pilot Study
Ghislain Belliart-Guérin, Vincent Planche.
JAD. 2023-07-10

Physical activity, biomarkers of brain pathologies and dementia risk: Results from the Memento clinical cohort
Leslie Grasset, Vincent Planche, Vincent Bouteloup, Chabha Azouani, Bruno Dubois, Frédéric Blanc, Claire Paquet, Renaud David, Catherine Belin, Thérèse Jonveaux, Adrien Julian, Jérémie Pariente, Jean‐François Mangin, Geneviève Chêne, Carole Dufouil.
Alzheimer's & Dementia. 2023-07-08

Delirium, blood biomarkers for neurodegeneration, and dementia
Vincent Planche.
The Lancet Healthy Longevity. 2023-07-01

Revisiting the maintenance of wakefulness test: from intra‐/inter‐scorer agreement to normative values in patients treated for obstructive sleep apnea
Pierre Tankéré, Jacques Taillard, Marc‐Antoine Armeni, Thierry Petitjean, Christian Berthomier, Mélanie Strauss, Laure Peter‐Derex.
Journal of Sleep Research. 2023-06-07

Association between circadian sleep regulation and cortical gyrification in young and older adults
Michele Deantoni, Mathilde Reyt, Christian Berthomier, Vincenzo Muto, Gregory Hammad, Stella De Haan, Marine Dourte, Jacques Taillard, Eric Lambot, Christian Cajochen, Carolin F Reichert, Micheline Maire, Marion Baillet, Christina Schmidt.
SLEEP. 2023-04-03

The Addiction-Susceptibility TaqIA/Ankk1 Controls Reward and Metabolism Through D2 Receptor-Expressing Neurons
Enrica Montalban, Roman Walle, Julien Castel, Anthony Ansoult, Rim Hassouna, Ewout Foppen, Xi Fang, Zach Hutelin, Sophie Mickus, Emily Perszyk, Anna Petitbon, Jérémy Berthelet, Fernando Rodrigues-Lima, Alberto Cebrian-Serrano, Giuseppe Gangarossa, Claire Martin, Pierre Trifilieff, Clémentine Bosch-Bouju, Dana. M. Small, Serge Luquet.
Biological Psychiatry. 2023-02-01


Ending soon

Cerebral Palsy Alliance – Emerging researcher grant
to support emerging researchers who are seeking to establish careers in cerebral palsy research.
Expire le 28 juillet 2023

Helmholtz Imaging Projects Call
Collaborative, cross-disciplinary research project in the field of imaging and data science
Expire le 30 juillet 2023

Prix Paoletti 2023
Pour les statutaires dans un laboratoire sous tutelle du CNRS
Expire le 30 juillet 2023

afar – McKnight Brain Research Foundation Innovator Awards in Cognitive Aging and Memory Loss
to advanced Assistant Professors and recently appointed Associate Professors
Expire le 31 juillet 2023

Fondation Clément Fayat – Bourse de thèse
Pour soutenir un projet de recherche dans le champ des maladies neurodégénératives.
Expire le 1 août 2023

IBRO Meetings Support 2024
Supports funding requests from symposia, short courses, workshops, and meeting organizers on important topics in neuroscience.
Expire le 3 août 2023

Capacity Building in International Dementia Research Program
for scientific investigation within institutions located in Low- and Middle-Income countries
Expire le 4 août 2023

National MS Society – Biostatistics/Informatics Junior Faculty Award
goal is to create protected time for a junior faculty member to collaborate with an established MS research group
Expire le 9 août 2023

National Multiple Sclerosis Society – Postdoctoral Fellowships
Supports fundamental as well as applied studies, non-clinical or clinical in nature, including projects in patient management, care and rehabilitation.
Expire le 9 août 2023

Royal Society Wolfson Visiting Fellowship
To undertake a flexible 12 month period of sabbatical leave in a UK university or research institution
Expire le 9 août 2023

ALS – Quality of Care Research Awards
support studies focused on improving the quality of ALS care or increasing the implementation of evidence-based care.
Expire le 9 août 2023

National MS Society – Fellowships and Awards
Multiple Sclerosis
Expire le 9 août 2023
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