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La lettre / Jeudi 31 août 2023


Daniel Choquet, lauréat du programme Fulbright France 2023
Daniel Choquet, lauréat du programme Fulbright France 2023
Il passera un séjour sabbatique de 7 mois à Denver en 2024.

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Pier Vincenzo Piazza, prix d'excellence de l'EBPS
Pier Vincenzo Piazza, prix d'excellence de l'EBPS
Il a notamment dédié ce prix aux membres de son ancien groupe de recherche, au Neurocentre Magendie

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Myotact cherche des investisseurs pour son bracelet de rééducation

Nos chercheurs dans les médias

Pierre Philip sur France Info
Pierre Philip sur France Info
A propos de l'application Kanopée.

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Appel à participation

Appel à participation - Circuit scientifique bordelais
Appel à participation - Circuit scientifique bordelais
Pour accueillir des élèves de collège et lycée du 9 au 13 octobre 2023. Inscriptions à partir du 21 août

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Opération Déclics 2023: faites connaître les métiers de la recherche
Opération Déclics 2023 : faites connaître les métiers de la recherche
Les rencontres auront lieu du 20 novembre au 21 décembre 2023

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20th edition of the Synapse and Network Day
20th edition of the Synapse and Network Day
September 12th
Registration before September 5th

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Brainconf NeuroCompare
Brainconf NeuroCompare
September 26th to 28th
Registration and abstract submission before September 15th

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1st Open Science Workshop 2023
1st Open Science Workshop 2023
October 16th to 20th
Registration deadline postponed to September 15th

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Offre d'emploi

Assistant ingénieur
Contact : Aline Marighetto (Neurocentre Magendie)


Next week

Seminar – Nako Nakatsuka
Friday 8 September / 11:30
Aptamer-based biosensors for in vivo neurotransmitter monitoring
Invited by Clémentine Bosch-Bouju (NutriNeuro)

Soutenance de thèse – Stéphane Léon
Friday 8 September / 14:30
Single-cell mapping of POMC neurons in obesity


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Cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia disorder: Extending the stepped care model
Chiara Baglioni, Colin A. Espie, Ellemarije Altena, Dimitri Gavriloff, Susanna Jernelöv, Brigitte Holzinger, Angelika Schlarb, Dieter Riemann.
Journal of Sleep Research. 2023-08-16

The political leaning of the neuroscience discourse about school education in the French press from 2000 to 2020
Cédric Brun, Marie Penavayre, Francois Gonon.
Public Underst Sci. 2023-08-05

CSF1R inhibition at chronic stage after spinal cord injury modulates microglia proliferation
Jean‐Christophe Perez, Gaetan Poulen, Maida Cardoso, Hassan Boukhaddaoui, Chloé Marie Gazard, Gilles Courtand, Sandrine Sylvie Bertrand, Yannick Nicolas Gerber, Florence Evelyne Perrin.
Glia. 2023-08-04

Bridging a mechanistic gap from diet to synapses
Deanna L. Benson, Sophie Layé.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A.. 2023-08-02

Disease Progression in Multiple System Atrophy: The Value of Clinical Cohorts with Long Follow‐Up
Tiphaine Saulnier, Margherita Fabbri, Anne Pavy‐Le Traon, Mélanie Le Goff, Catherine Helmer, Patrice Péran, Wassilios G. Meissner, Olivier Rascol, Alexandra Foubert‐Samier, Cécile Proust‐Lima.
Movement Disorders. 2023-08-01

Type‐1 cannabinoid receptors and their ever‐expanding roles in brain energy processes
Ignacio Fernández‐Moncada, Rui S. Rodrigues, Unai B. Fundazuri, Luigi Bellocchio, Giovanni Marsicano. Journal of Neurochemistry. 2023-07-28

Methodological concerns and lack of evidence for single-synapse RNA-seq
Benjamin D. Hobson, Etienne Herzog.
Nat Biotechnol. 2023-07-27

Spatial lipidomics reveals brain region-specific changes of sulfatides in an experimental MPTP Parkinson’s disease primate model
Ibrahim Kaya, Anna Nilsson, Dominika Luptáková, Yachao He, Theodosia Vallianatou, Patrik Bjärterot, Per Svenningsson, Erwan Bezard, Per E.
Andrén. npj Parkinsons Dis.. 2023-07-26

Early Administration of the Phytocannabinoid Cannabidivarin Prevents the Neurobehavioral Abnormalities Associated with the Fmr1-KO Mouse Model of Fragile X Syndrome
Marika Premoli, William Fyke, Luigi Bellocchio, Valerie Lemaire, Marie Wolley-Roberts, Bruno Bontempi, Susanna Pietropaolo.
Cells. 2023-07-25

Hyperacusis in the Adult Fmr1-KO Mouse Model of Fragile X Syndrome: The Therapeutic Relevance of Cochlear Alterations and BKCa Channels
Celeste Ferraguto, Yohan Bouleau, Thibault Peineau, Didier Dulon, Susanna Pietropaolo.
IJMS. 2023-07-24

Spatiomolecular Characterization of Dopamine D2 Receptors Cells in the Mouse External Globus Pallidus
Julie Espallergues, Jihane Boubaker-Vitre, Audrey Mignon, Maelle Avrillon, Morgane Le Bon-Jego, Jerome Baufreton, Emmanuel Valjent.
CN. 2023-07-20

Otoferlin as a multirole Ca2+ signaling protein: from inner ear synapses to cancer pathways
Jean-Christophe Leclère, Didier Dulon.
Front. Cell. Neurosci.. 2023-07-19

Atlasing white matter and grey matter joint contributions to resting-state networks in the human brain.
Victor Nozais, Stephanie J. Forkel, Laurent Petit, Lia Talozzi, Maurizio Corbetta, Michel Thiebaut de Schotten, Marc Joliot.
Commun Biol. 2023-07-14

The Impact of Mild Chronic Stress and Maternal Experience in the Fmr1 Mouse Model of Fragile X Syndrome
Enejda Subashi, Valerie Lemaire, Valeria Petroni, Susanna Pietropaolo.
IJMS. 2023-07-13

Conditional deletion of neurexins dysregulates neurotransmission from dopamine neurons
Charles Ducrot, Gregory de Carvalho, Benoît Delignat-Lavaud, Constantin VL Delmas, Priyabrata Halder, Nicolas Giguère, Consiglia Pacelli, Sriparna Mukherjee, Marie-Josée Bourque, Martin Parent, Lulu Y Chen, Louis-Eric Trudeau.
eLife. 2023-07-06

Chronic alcohol consumption shifts learning strategies and synaptic plasticity from hippocampus to striatum-dependent pathways
Léa Tochon, Rose-Marie Vouimba, Marc Corio, Nadia Henkous, Daniel Béracochéa, Jean-Louis Guillou, Vincent David.
Front. Psychiatry. 2023-05-26

Impact of the gut microbiome on nicotine’s motivational effects and glial cells in the ventral tegmental area in male mice
Alina Lakosa, Anaïs Rahimian, Flavio Tomasi, Fabio Marti, Lauren M. Reynolds, Léa Tochon, Vincent David, Anne Danckaert, Candice Canonne, Sylvana Tahraoui, Fabrice de Chaumont, Benoît Forget, Uwe Maskos, Morgane Besson. Neuropsychopharmacol.. 2023-03-17


New calls

Autism Science Foundation – Profound Autism Pilot Grant
Autism Science Foundation
Expire le 15 septembre 2023

Orphan Disease Center – Bike Ride 2023 Pilot Grant Program
open to the international community
Expire le 15 septembre 2023

National Ataxia Foundation – Research Seed Money Grant
to accelerate the development of treatments for ataxias, while working to improve the lives of those living with ataxia
Expire le 15 septembre 2023

Open Call – Allen Discovery Center for Neurobiology in Changing Environments
Deepening our understanding of nervous systems in rapidly changing environments
Expire le 20 septembre 2023

Fondation Fyssen : subventions de recherche
Parmi les domaines de recherche soutenus : la neurobiologie
Expire le 13 octobre 2023

Excellent Paper In Neuroscience – Award 2023
Thematic focus on Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Expire le 29 septembre 2023

Wellcome’s Mental Health Award
Understanding how anxiety- and trauma-related problems develop, persist and resolve
Expire le 14 novembre 2023

Grand prix Lamonica de neurologie 2023
attribué à une ou un scientifique, sans aucune condition de nationalité, travaillant dans un laboratoire français.
Expire le 14 septembre 2023

Ending soon

ean – Research Fellowship
The purpose is to support training and experience for European Neurologists in any area of basic or clinical or applied research in neuroscience.
Expire le 31 août 2023

Foundation For Rare Diseases – Identifying therapeutic molecules for rare diseases
Supports: Development of an automated assay and compound screening / ‘Hit to Lead’ campaign to develop lead candidates.
Expire le 31 août 2023

Cerebral Palsy Alliance – PhD research grant
available on a competitive basis to attract new and highly qualified graduates into the field of cerebral palsy research.
Expire le 31 août 2023

CEFIPRA – Industry Academia Research & development programme
Indo French Centre for the Promotion of Advanced Research
Expire le 31 août 2023

Wings for Life – Grants
Basic and clinical research related to spinal cord injury
Expire le 1 septembre 2023

Fondation de l’audition et SFROL – Prix innovation médicale audition 2023
Cette 3e édition s’étend à toute entreprise au niveau mondial
Expire le 1 septembre 2023

Annual BCI Award
to recognize outstanding and innovative research in the field of Brain-Computer Interfaces
Expire le 1 septembre 2023

Mizutani Foundation for Glycoscience
basic and applied studies on glycoconjugate in the fields of organic chemistry, biochemistry, biophysics, molecular biology, cellular biology and medical sciences.
Expire le 1 septembre 2023

Leducq Foundation – International Networks of Excellence
Cardiovascular and Neurovascular Research
Expire le 6 septembre 2023

Inserm – First step
Vise à entamer une nouvelle collaboration entre un jeune chercheur ou chercheuse Inserm travaillant dans une équipe française et une équipe étrangère.
Expire le 11 septembre 2023

Projets Fondation ARC
Les projets peuvent relever de tous les domaines et disciplines participant à la lutte contre le cancer
Expire le 12 septembre 2023

Fonation ARC – Post-doctorants
Projet de recherche en cancérologie
Expire le 12 septembre 2023

Bourses post-doctorales Marie Skłodowska-Curie
2 types de bourses de mobilité. L’université de Bordeaux offre un accompagnement au montage des projets.
Expire le 13 septembre 2023

MSCA – Postdoctoral Fellowships
to support researchers’ careers and foster excellence in research
Expire le 13 septembre 2023

Clinical Research Training Scholarship in FTD
Applicants at accredited US and international institutions are eligible.
Expire le 14 septembre 2023

SFARI – 2023 Summer Pilot Award
to provide early support for exploratory ideas considered higher risk
Expire le 14 septembre 2023

Richard Olney Clinician Scientist Development Award in ALS
This award recognizes the importance of good clinical research and encourages early career investigators in clinical studies in ALS.
Expire le 14 septembre 2023

Clinical Research Training Scholarship in ALS and Related Disorders
This award aims to support young investigators engaged in clinical research focused on ALS, ALS-FTD, PLS, PMA, and HSP.
Expire le 14 septembre 2023

Grand prix Lamonica de neurologie 2023
attribué à une ou un scientifique, sans aucune condition de nationalité, travaillant dans un laboratoire français.
Expire le 14 septembre 2023
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