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Brainconf NeuroCompare
Brainconf NeuroCompare
Deadline for the early bird registration fee: July 15th!

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20th edition of the Synapse and Network Day
20th edition of the Synapse and Network Day
Tuesday 12th September. Registration before September 5th

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2023-2024 PhD seminar series
2023-2024 PhD seminar series
Open to everyone. Next date : 6th October 2023

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1st Open Science Workshop 2023


Fabien Wagner, lauréat du prix Dargelos 2022
Fabien Wagner, lauréat du prix Dargelos 2022
Ce prix est attribué par l'école Polytechnique de Lausanne.

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RebrAIn lauréate du prix i-Nov
RebrAIn lauréate du prix i-Nov
Le volet i-Nov soutient des projets d’innovation au potentiel particulièrement fort pour l’économie française portés par des start-ups et des PME.

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International networks

L'alliance ENLIGHT poursuit ses ambitions
ENLIGHT pursues its ambitions
For its next phase, the alliance intends to allocate significant funding to academic initiatives.

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Offre d'emploi

Ingénieur(e) d’étude en neuroscience
Contacts : Xavier Fioramonti et David Jarriault (NutriNeuro)


Soutenance d’HDR – Monique Vallée (Neurocentre Magendie)
Jeudi 6 juillet / 14:00
Rôle fonctionnel des Neurostéroïdes dans le cerveau: Identification du profil de régulation de la pregnénolone endogène sur le système endocannabinoïde et applications thérapeutiques

Joint seminars – Dr. Kelly Clemens and Dr. Nathan Holmes (UNSW)
Thursday 6 July / 14:00 - 16:00
Epigenetic mechanisms underlying the persistence of nicotine memories / How does the brain integrate sensory and emotional information?
Invited by Shauna Parkes (INCIA)

Cancelled // Seminar – Lionel Dahan
Friday 7 July / 11:30

Seminar – Olivier Thibault
Thursday 13 July / 14:00
In vivo neuronal calcium networks in S1 during aging and potential relationships to gait dysregulation
Invited by Valentin Nägerl (IINS) and Christophe Dubois (RMSB)

Symposium: Cellular diversity in the basal ganglia
Friday 21 July
From function to better treatments of motor & non-motor symptoms in Parkinson’s Disease
Organized by Jérôme Baufreton (IMN)

Seminar – Baptiste Lacoste
Friday 28 July / 11:30
Non-neuronal underpinnings of altered brain development
Invited by Jean-Luc Morel (INCIA)

Cajal lectures

July 6 – 2:30pm
David Belin (Cambridge Univeristy, UK)
Role of striatal astrocytes in the development of drug seeking habits

July 6 – 4:00pm
TDT Presentation

A vos agendas !

Conférence : « Notre cerveau, entre raison et déraison » – Mathias Pessiglione
Lundi 25 septembre / 18:00
- 19:30
Lieu : Station Ausone - Librairie Mollat


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Acute Effect of a Saffron Extract (Safr’InsideTM) and Its Main Volatile Compound on the Stress Response in Healthy Young Men: A Randomized, Double Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Crossover Study
Camille Pouchieu, Line Pourtau, Julie Brossaud, David Gaudout, Jean-Benoit Corcuff, Lucile Capuron, Nathalie Castanon, Pierre Philip.
Nutrients. 2023-06-27

Controlling audibility with noise for online experiments using sound
Rodrigue Bravard, Laurent Demany, Daniel Pressnitzer.
JASA Express Letters. 2023-06-01

Pigment-dispersing factor is present in circadian clock neurons of pea aphids and may mediate photoperiodic signalling to insulin-producing cells
Francesca Sara Colizzi, Jan A. Veenstra, Gustavo L. Rezende, Charlotte Helfrich-Förster, David Martínez-Torres.
Open Biol.. 2023-06-01

Pathway specific interventions reveal the multiple roles of ventral hippocampus projections in cognitive functions
Ioannis Bakoyiannis, Eva-Gunnel Ducourneau, Shauna L. Parkes, Guillaume Ferreira.
Reviews in the Neurosciences. 2023-05-18


New calls

Bourses de voyage / inscription CELL BIO ASCB EMBO 2023
congrès annuel CELL BIO 2023 de l’ASCB/EMBO qui aura lieu du 2 au 6 décembre 2023 à Boston MA.
Expire le 14 juillet 2023

Clinical Research Training Scholarship in ALS and Related Disorders
This award aims to support young investigators engaged in clinical research focused on ALS, ALS-FTD, PLS, PMA, and HSP.
Expire le 14 septembre 2023

Richard Olney Clinician Scientist Development Award in ALS
This award recognizes the importance of good clinical research and encourages early career investigators in clinical studies in ALS.
Expire le 14 septembre 2023

Inserm – International Research Projects (IRP)
soutenir un partenariat existant ou en émergence prometteur
Expire le 18 septembre 2023

FIRAH – Outils technologiques et environnements numériques – 2023
Fondation Internationale de la Recherche Appliquée sur le Handicap et Fondation Malakoff Humanis Handicap
Expire le 25 septembre 2023

Freezing of Gait (FOG) in Parkinson’s Disease Research Program
Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research
Expire le 26 septembre 2023

Congrès du Sommeil – Bourses et prix 2023
Du 22 au 24 novembre à Lille – en présentiel et/ou en virtuel.
Expire le 30 septembre 2023

IUBMB Fellowships
Mid-Career (Now “Early-Career”) Research Fellowships / Tang Education Fellowships
Expire le 1 octobre 2023

ECTRIMS – Fellowships
Research training / Clinical training
Expire le 1 décembre 2023

Fonation ARC – Post-doctorants
Projet de recherche en cancérologie
Expire le 12 septembre 2023

Mizutani Foundation for Glycoscience
basic and applied studies on glycoconjugate in the fields of organic chemistry, biochemistry, biophysics, molecular biology, cellular biology and medical sciences.
Expire le 1 septembre 2023

Foundation For Rare Diseases – Identifying therapeutic molecules for rare diseases
Supports: Development of an automated assay and compound screening / ‘Hit to Lead’ campaign to develop lead candidates.
Expire le 31 août 2023

Ending soon

ALS association – Assistive Technology Grants
develop or adapt technologies that can help maintain or improve the health, independence, and/or quality of life of people living with ALS.
Expire le 6 juillet 2023

Digital Assessment Tools for FTD and ALS (2023) 
ALS Association
Expire le 14 juillet 2023

Bourses de voyage / inscription CELL BIO ASCB EMBO 2023
congrès annuel CELL BIO 2023 de l’ASCB/EMBO qui aura lieu du 2 au 6 décembre 2023 à Boston MA.
Expire le 14 juillet 2023

Science & SciLifeLab Prize for Young Scientists
Entrants for the 2023 prize must have received their Ph.D. between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2022.
Expire le 15 juillet 2023

The Chica and Heinz Schaller Foundation Award in Translational Neuroscience
Recognising significant achievements by an individual in translational science
Expire le 19 juillet 2023

CZI – Cryo-CLEM Labels RFA
Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
Expire le 20 juillet 2023

National Multiple Sclerosis Society – Research grants
to support research focused on addressing research questions highlighted in the Pathways to MS Cures Roadmap.
Expire le 26 juillet 2023
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