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Webinar - Sébastien Carnicella
Webinar - Sébastien Carnicella
Friday 28 January at 11:30
Implication of hypodopaminergic state of the nigrostriatal pathway in compulsive alcohol-related behaviors

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Trois questions à Dean Lewis, président de l'université de Bordeaux

NeuroFrance 2023

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BIC Workshop: Correlative light & electron microscopy

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Tenure-track in data processing, analysis and artificial intelligence for neuroscience


Webinar – Sébastien Carnicella
Friday 28 January / 11:30
Implication of hypodopaminergic state of the nigrostriatal pathway in compulsive alcohol-related behaviors

Clinical Neuroanatomy Seminar – Erin Hecht
Friday 28 January / 16:00
Brain-behavior evolution in domesticated dogs and foxes

Thesis defenses

Valentine Le Gall
Monday 31 January / 14:00
Role of the medial prefrontal cortex in the selection of innate fear responses

Jérémy Cousineau
Thursday 3 February / 14:00
Dopaminergic control of the primary motor cortex microcircuits during motor skill learning


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The Pregnant Smoker Stigma Scale – Public Stigma (P3S-PS): development and validation in general French population
Deborah Loyal, Anne-Laure Sutter, Marc Auriacombe, Fuschia Serre, Nicole Rascle.
Women & Health. 2022-01-23.

Maladie de Parkinson
Erwan Bezard, Benjamin Dehay.
Med Sci (Paris). 2022-01-01.

Cell-Type-Specific Adaptions in Striatal Medium-Sized Spiny Neurons and Their Roles in Behavioral Responses to Drugs of Abuse.
Marie-Charlotte Allichon, Vanesa Ortiz, Paula Pousinha, Andry Andrianarivelo, Anna Petitbon, Nicolas Heck, Pierre Trifilieff, Jacques Barik, Peter Vanhoutte.
Front. Synaptic Neurosci.. 2021-12-14

Altered Cortisol Metabolism Increases Nocturnal Cortisol Bioavailability in Prepubertal Children With Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus.
Julie Brossaud, Jean-Benoît Corcuff, Vanessa Vautier, Aude Bergeron, Aurelie Valade, Anne Lienhardt, Marie-Pierre Moisan, Pascal Barat.
Front. Endocrinol. 2021-12-14.

Role of Retinoid X Receptors (RXRs) and dietary vitamin A in Alzheimer’s disease: Evidence from clinicopathological and preclinical studies
Essi F. Biyong, Cyntia Tremblay, Manon Leclerc, Vicky Caron, Serge Alfos, Jean-Christophe Helbling, Léa Rodriguez, Vincent Pernet, David A. Bennett, Véronique Pallet, Frédéric Calon. Neurobiology of Disease. 2021-12-01.

Disrupting D1-NMDA or D2-NMDA receptor heteromerization prevents cocaine’s rewarding effects but preserves natural reward processing.
Andry Andrianarivelo, Estefani Saint-Jour, Paula Pousinha, Sebastian P. Fernandez, Anna Petitbon, Veronique De Smedt-Peyrusse, Nicolas Heck, Vanesa Ortiz, Marie-Charlotte Allichon, Vincent Kappès, Sandrine Betuing, Roman Walle, Ying Zhu, Charlène Joséphine, Alexis-Pierre Bemelmans, Gustavo Turecki, Naguib Mechawar, Jonathan A. Javitch, Jocelyne Caboche, Pierre Trifilieff, Jacques Barik, Peter Vanhoutte.
Sci. Adv.. 2021-10-22.

Thalamic input to motor cortex facilitates goal-directed action initiation
Naoya Takahashi, Sara Moberg, Timothy A. Zolnik, Julien Catanese, Robert N.S. Sachdev, Matthew E. Larkum, Dieter Jaeger.
Current Biology. 2021-09-01.

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Ajoutés récemment / New calls

Diana Jacobs Kalman/AFAR Scholarships
For Research in the Biology of Aging
Ends on 14 April 2022

FENS video contest – YouTube channel: Share your Neuroscience Skills
Create short videos explaining your skills to the non-expert
Ends on 20 April2022

Travel grants for the FENS Forum
for students and young investigators
Ends on 22 February 2022

Alzheimer drug discovery foundation fundings
Open to researchers and clinicians worldwide.

Cherie Levien Quality of Life Fund
Grant application deadlines: January 31, April 30, July 31, October 31

Expirent prochainement / Ending soon

Fondation pour l’audition : Appel à projets laboratoires
Améliorer la santé auditive
Expire le 30 janvier 2022

Société des neurosciences – Prix de thèse
Le candidat doit avoir soutenu sa thèse entre le 1er janvier et le 31 décembre 2021.
Expire le 31 janvier 2022

Joseph Altman Award in Developmental Neuroscience
Research in developmental neuroscience at the tissue and cellular levels
Expire le 31 janvier 2022

Prix tremplin Mariano Gago de coopération bilatérale en recherche – Portugal
Académie des Sciences
Expire le 31 janvier 2022

Fondation Neurodis – AAP recherche clinique
Trois thématiques différentes
Expire le 31 janvier 2022

Joseph Altman Award in Developmental Neuroscience
Research in developmental neuroscience at the tissue and cellular levels.
Expire le 31 janvier 2022

Fondation Vaincre Alzheimer
Subventions pour la recherche fondamentale, translationnelle et clinique dans le domaine de la maladie d’Alzheimer et des maladies apparentées.
Expire le 1 février 2022

Autism Speaks: Predoctoral and Postdoctoral Fellowships
related to the study of autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
Expire le 1 février 2022

FRAXA Foundation: research grants and fellowships
Clinical Trial Applications Accepted Anytime. Fellowship Application Deadline: February 1, 2022
Expire le 1 février 2022

Les Grandes Avancées Françaises en Biologie présentées par leurs auteurs.
Par l’Académie des sciences
Expire le 11 février 2022

Fondation pour la recherche sur les AVC : Appel à projets
Pour encourager toutes les recherches sur les AVC sans restriction de thématique.
Expire le 13 février 2022

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