Soutien à la recherche (LabEx)

The LabEx BRAIN launches calls for proposals for scientific projects (transversal, transfer and clinical projects), PhD extension grant, symposium, etc… The general principles are aimed at favouring a rapid, efficient and transparent process.

PhD Extension Grant

Research projects

Clinical, translational, transfer and applied research projects

Monitoring systems:

We analyse every other year the impact of the selected project on additional grants obtained, publications published and in progress. For core facilities, we evaluate the service given to the community, the degree of opening, the number of users and the overall operation of the facility analysing the description of the service offer and price list, personnel list, total budget outcomes and total incomes. We also ask for a report on the symposium activity, reporting the number of participant and speakers, from Bordeaux, vs French vs international laboratories.

Last update: 22 janvier 2019