Postdoctoral fellowship in Neurobiology and animal behavior

The team « Nutripsy » at the Nutrineuro lab INRAE UMR1286 in Bordeaux University, is seeking for a highly motivated young researcher for a 18-months postdoctoral contract to work on the FRM-funded project  » Combined effects of early life stress and diet-induced obesity on depressive morbidity: characterization and mechanisms.  »


The aim of this project is to assess the interaction of early life adversity and adult obesity-driven inflammation on depressive morbidity. The recruted post-doc will be involved in a preclinical workpackage of the project that combines state-of-the-art viral-gene transfer methods in mice to specifically alter key enzymes of GCH1/BH4 pathway selectively in the DA system so as to establish causal mechanistic links between this molecular pathway, DA function and dimensions of depressive-like behavior. The efficacy of such manipulations in rescuing alterations in DA transmission and behavioral deficits will be assessed in our models of early life stress (maternal separation combined with unpredictable chronic mild stress in dams) and/or obesogenic diet exposure.

Expected background and skills: animal behavior (perinatal nutrition ; early-life stress ; anxiety, depression models ; expertise in instrumental behaviors will be a plus); stereotaxic surgery and classical neuroscience-related methods such as neuroanatomy, histology…; classical molecular and cellular biology technics (RT-/PCR, western blot, immunohistochemistry).

Applications in a single pdf file should include:

  • complete CV, including the list of publications
  • research interest statement (2 pages)
  • letters of recommendation

Expected Starting date: April 2022