Post-Doctoral research fellow in Neurobiology and Nutrition

You will be welcomed in the NutriNeuro Lab (team NutriMind) at Bordeaux University to investigate exosomes as a source of novel biomarkers for the nutritional prevention of age-related cognitive decline. You will be evaluating microglia-neuron interactions using iPSC cell cultures and mini-brain models at the cellular and exosomal (extra cellular vesicles) levels.

You will be in charge of:

  • Evaluating microglia-neuron interactions using iPSC models
  • In vitro molecular and cellular approaches (biochemistry, genetic targeting, omic assays, functional assays) on mouse and human microglia and neuron models.
  • Evaluating the signatures of exosomes using iPSC and mini-brain models.

You will be working in collaboration with researchers and post-docs of the team. You will also be interacting with research assistants.

Open position to worlwide candidates, who hold a PhD degree in cell biology or neurobiology. Strong experience in cell culture, experience in molecular and cell biology techniques (immunohistochemistry, RT-qPCR, W.blot, RNA seq …), experience in extracellular vesicles are also expected.  Experience in iPSCs is a plus.


Charlotte Madore-Delpech

Jean-Christophe Delpech