Post doctoral position: Role of microbiota metabolites on neuroinflammation, microglia activities and behavior

Title: Role of microbiota metabolites on neuroinflammation, microglia activities and behavior

We are looking for a highly motivated postdoctoral fellow to work on a funded project focused on dissecting the role of microbiota metabolites on neuroinflammatory processes and mood disorders in the frame of the European project GUT2BEHAVE (Metabolic profiling of the gut-brain axis as a new stratification process to improve behavioural disorder, Eranet-Neuron).

Emerging evidence suggest that neuroinflammatory processes, which contribute to the pathophysiology of mood disorders, may be triggered by gut to brain alterations. Microbiota derivatives may be a potential common mechanism linking microbiota dysbiosis, microglia activity/neuroinflammation and emotional behavior and cognitive alterations.

This project aims to provide a better understanding of how microbiota derivatives regulate microglia function and neuroinflammatory processes using in vitro (primary microglia cell culture) and in vivo approaches (molecular and cellular approaches in an animal model of depression). The effect of metabolites will also be measured on neuronal plasticity, cognition and emotional behavior in transgenic animal models.

NutriNeuro located at Bordeaux University is currently offering a postdoctoral position for 2 years to start on January 2022 and invite applications from candidates worldwide.

Candidates should hold a PhD degree in neurobiology or a related field. Experience with depression mouse models, molecular and cell biology techniques and behavior are also expected. Knowledge in Nutrition and/or gut microbiota are appreciated.

Applications, including a detailed CV, cover letter, name and contacts of 3 referees, should be sent to

Sophie Layé,