Post-doctoral position in Neurophysiology

Post-doctoral position for 2.5 years starting in January 2021 (renewable up to 5 years), funded by the French NIH (INSERM) 35-42 k€ + benefits / year, depending on the experience of the applicant (41-50 k$ + benefits / year). We are using state of the art circuit dissection in mice to pin point the functional role of neural populations of the insular cortex in emotional valence and anxiety, and to identify cellular and synaptic dysfunctions of those populations in stress-induced models of psychiatric pathologies. We are looking for a PhD mastering in vivo electrophysiology and programming.

The lab is part of the Neurocentre Magendie, one of the three neighbor institutes of the Bordeaux Neurocampus encompassing more than 50 labs dedicated to Neuroscience research, providing an exceptionally rich environment.

The applicants should email a CV, including contact information for three references, and a cover letter describing experience, goals and reasons for the interest in this position ().

Selected publications

*equally contributing / **corresponding authors

Ju A, Fernandez-Arroyo B, Wu Y, Jacky D, Beyeler A**. Expression of serotonin 1A and 2A receptors in molecular- and projection-defined neurons of the mouse insular cortex. Molecular Brain 2020

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*Beyeler A, *Namburi P, Glober, GF, Simonnet C, Calhoon GG, Conyers GF, Luck R, Wildes CP, Tye KM. Divergent routing of positive and negative information from the amygdala during memory retrieval. Neuron 2016 Apr 20, 90(2), 348–361.

*Namburi P, *Beyeler A, Yorozu S, Calhoon GG, Halbert SA, Wichmann R, Holden SS, Mertens KL, Anahtar M, Felix-Ortiz AC, Wickersham IR, Gray JM, Tye KM. A circuit mechanism for differentiating positive and negative associations. Nature 2015

*Felix-Ortiz A, *Beyeler A, Seo C, Leppla C, Wildes CP, Tye KM. BLA to vHPC inputs modulate anxiety-related behaviors. Neuron 2013


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