Open Position for Research Engineer in Neurophotonics

The Nägerl team (https://www.iins.u-bordeaux.fr/NAGERL) is recruiting a research engineer/lab tech/postdoc (depending on qualifications and orientation) to help build, improve, test and run new optical microscopy techniques, with a special focus on super-resolution fluorescence microscopy.

The objective and task are to optimize and apply them to living mouse brain tissue and in vivo.

You will implement, develop and use state-of-the-arts and innovative fluorescence labeling approaches, sample preparation, custom-designed illumination and light detection schemes and (computational) data analysis. You will work together with other team members and assist them in tackling the technical challenges.

A high affinity for technology and all things optical is a must, troubleshooting, tinkering and general resourcefulness and ingenuity. Programming skills (Python/Matlab/LabView) is a plus, as well as a deep curiosity about the mysteries of biological phenomena and mechanisms.

The goal is to visualize dynamic cellular brain structures and processes, to see them more clearly and directly, more inclusively and contextually, faster and deeper, less invasively and tediously.

Beyond registering exciting new observations, we want to make biophysical, physiological and neurobiological sense out of them. To help decrypt the wonders of synapses, neurons and the brain, nothing less!

The job is part of a ERC-Synergy project with a long-term perspective and a thriving and dynamic workplace environment in a major European research center for neuroscience and photonics (https://www.bordeaux-neurocampus.fr/en/, https://light-st.u-bordeaux.fr).