Mini-symposium : Super-resolution Microscopy

Mardi 7 mai
Centre Broca Nouvelle Aquitaine – Salle de conférence


9:30 – Lisa Fischer (Münster, Germany)
Nanoscale organization of talin

10:00 – Filipe Nunes Vicente (Bordeaux, IINS)
Combining super-resolution microscopy and cell stretching to study integrin-based adhesions

10:15 – Florian Levet (Bordeaux, IINS)
A tale of tiles: gathering tessellation and point clouds for colocalization analysis

10:30 – Olivier Thoumine (Bordeaux, IINS)
FluoSim:simulator of single molecule dynamics for fluorescence live-cell and super-resolution imaging

10:45 – Coffee break

11:15 – Ralf Jungmann (Munich, Germany)
Super-Resolution Microscopy with DNA Molecules

11:45 – Pierre Bon (Bordeaux, LP2N)
Quantitative phase & intensity imaging from 3D super-resolution deep in biological tissues

12:00 – Matthieu Sainlos (Bordeaux, IINS)
Protein engineering for synaptic proteins imaging

12:15 – Ani Jose Augustine (Bordeaux, LP2N/IINS)
Studying the fast nanoscale reorganization of cell adhesions using RESOLFT Nanoscopy

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