Thèses 2013

Mikael Garcia (21/11/2013)
Mechanical coupling between N-cadherin and actin in motility mechanisms and in synaptic differentiation in neurons.

Sara Elramah (22/11/2013)
Towards a Better Understanding of miRNA Function in Neuronal Plasticity : implications in Synaptic Homeostasis and Maladaptive Plasticity in Bone Cancer Pain Condition.

Azzédine Abdi (28 novembre 2013)
Study of neuronal diversity in the Globus Pallidus : neurochemical, electrophysiological analysis and optogenetic manipulation of neuronal subtype in rodents.

Stéphanie Etienne (02/12/2013)
Study of cognitive processes underlying strategies used during spatial navigation task learning.

Julie Brossaud (5/12/2013)
Modulation of the exposition of the glucocorticoids receptor : role of the type 1 diabetes and the vitamin A.

Anne Sophie Hafner (10/12/2013)
Regulation of ampa receptor surface trafficking Through auxiliary protein interaction with psd-95.

Amandine Pelletier (10/12/2013)
Altérations de la substance blanche cérébrale dans le vieillissement : approche en IRM multimodale au sein de la cohorte AMImage.

Julien Courtin (13/12/2013)
Role of cortical parvalbumin interneurons in fear behaviour

Till Pougnet (13/12/213)
Régulation du trafic des récepteurs AMPA et de la plasticité synaptique induite par les récepteurs P2X.

Chloé Boitard (13/12/213)
Adolescence, a vulnerable period to the effects of obesogenic diets on memory : Special emphasis on hippocampal and amygdala systems

Nadège Morisot (16/12/2013)
The CRF2 receptor-deficiency reduces the cognitive and social deficits induced by cocaine

Kalina Hass (16/12/2013)

Anne Letondor (16/12/2013)
Effects of n-3 LC-PUFAs on retinoid target processes involved in synaptic plasticity and memory during aging.

Ludivine Allard (16/12/2013)
Mitochondrial dysfunctions and bioenergetic homeostasis of motor neurons in a model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Damien Marie (16/12/2013)
Anatomie du gyrus de Heschl et spécialisation hémisphérique: étude d’une base de données de 430 sujets témoins volontaires sains.

Charlotte Bernard (17/12/2013)
Altérations macrostructurelles et fonctionnelles dans la phase présymptomatique de la Maladie d’Alzheimer : Étude en IRM au sein de la cohorte Trois Cités

Jean-Patrick Le Gal (18/12/2013)
Locomotion respiration coordination : cervical and lumbar locomotor network influences on spinal and medullary respiratory neuron activity.

Cédric Renancio (18/12/2013)
Study of the vesicular trafficking of AMPA-type glutamate receptor : saraterization of a novel AMPA receptor auxiliairy protein.

Charlotte Madore (18/12/2013)
Morphofunctional plasticity of brain innate immune system : modulation by inflammation and nutrition.

Damien Bonhomme (19/12/2013)
Effect of vitamin A status on glucocorticoid pathway and consequences on memory processes in rodents.

Alice Shaam Al Abed (20/12/2013)
Differential effects of estradiol on mnemonic function depending on age and type memory.

Adel Kechkar (20/12/2013)
Reconstruction and quantification methods for single-molecule based super-resolution microscopy

Stefano Zucca (20/12/2013)
Analysis of synaptic function of CA3 microcircuits in vivo using optogenetic tools

Pierre Cardinal (5 mars 2013)
Role of hypothalamic cannabinoid type 1 receptors (CB1) in energy balance regulation and glucose homeostasis

Vincent Ducourneau (25 mars 2013)
Glial reactivity and spinal glutamatergic/glycinergic transmission in a rat model of bone cancer pain : behavioral, immunohistochemical, molecular and biochemical approaches

Muna Hilal (20 juin 2013)
Role of Scribble1 in hippocampal synaptic maturation, bidirectional plasticity and spatial memory formation in mice.

Carole Hyacinthe (16/10/2013)
Dopaminergic dysregulation and sleep-related disorders : Willis-Ekbom’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

Anne-Ruth Reisiger (17/10/2013)
Pathology of the reward system: Long-lasting effects of chronic exposure to nicotine.

Michel Engeln (17/10/2013)
Alterations of dopaminergic responsiveness in Parkinson’s disease : from dyskinesia to impulse control disorders

Sandrine Camus (18/10/2013)
Etho-Psychiatrie : du modèle animal à l’animal modèle Identification d’un modèle primate non-humain « spontané » de symptômes dépressifs

Thibaud Thiollier (25/10/2013)
A new model for the study of brain bioavailability : central nervous system microdialysis in awake macaque.

Mélanie Lagière (30/10/2013)
Anatomical and Functional Study of the Serotonin2C Receptors Controls in the Basal Ganglia

Elodie Martin (31/10/2013)
Early alterations of spinal motor networks in the mouse model of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

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